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 Against The Tube

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BeitragThema: Against The Tube   Mo Aug 03, 2009 8:24 pm

Against The Tube

The same old game during every session,
play a big transistor amp, fueling my aggression.
I'm willing to go, ready to serve
and against the battery I have enough reserve.
Warm myself up and begin to play.
I'm in 7th heaven, music pulls me away.
My picking hand flies, the fingerboard glows
and then the second guitar starts to blow.

[Ref.: Against tube there is no rival.
Not the breath of a chance, even for survival.
Although it goes to eleven, it's just never enough.
The fuckin' tube rules all, so merciless and tough.]

When the other axe again falls silent,
my six string so ambitious and violent.
I've got my 12 inches, fighting 22´.
In a very loud spat, groovin' through n' through.
My combo shouts so well and I'm pleased.
Forgotten is the loss against the hot beast.
But now my time has come, the end is near.
The tube starts screaming so loud and clear.

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Against The Tube
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