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 Love Thy Neighbor

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BeitragThema: Love Thy Neighbor   Mo Aug 03, 2009 8:28 pm

Love Thy Neighbor

It's right, you can never live in peace,
when the evil neighbor is not pleased.
A nobody, his life ugly and sad.
Watching your every move, every step.
His dumb face grinding down on your nerves.
The lowest vermin in the universe.
So to calm down me and my friends pop some beers,
as he promptly calls the cops and we cheer.

[Ref.:I've tried everything, all I could. But nothing worked,
he's just a wanker, he's just a jerk.
I was friendly and kind, yet he didn't care.
He's one of those people on this fuckin' earth.
Who's really and truly earned our respect,
as the biggest, the greatest fuckhead born yet.
He's one of those people on this fuckin' earth,
who's mother should never have given birth.]

So you want a war you little pig?!
You can get it, come over and suck my dick.
I will make you see, make you feel, so fuckin' red.
Better be careful or you lose your head.
The grudge you bear is yours not mine.
We'll continue our party with free beer and wine.
But I go lock my toilet to all of my peers.
They'll be pissin' on your house while we cheer.


He's the person we all know! He's the pain in... where he can go!
He's the dick no-one wants to blow! He's the asshole...I'm hating so!

Some people are cursed with the neighbor from hell.
One without decency, but loads of smell.
He's conservative, backwards and stinks like shit.
He's stupid, inbred, that's why he won't quit
and at dawn I wake up to the sound of his tractor.
Stirring manure, his personal nectar.
Oh he knows, he knows, but he lives without fear.
Then I open my window and start to cheer.

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BeitragThema: Re: Love Thy Neighbor   Fr Aug 21, 2009 4:46 am

Einfach genial!!! Melodie sowie Text Cool
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Love Thy Neighbor
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