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 The Sun Is Shining

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The Sun Is Shining

Agent Orange, Vietnam,
Adolf Hitler, naziscum,
homicide, Irak-invasion,
toxicgas and violation.
First and second Worldwar,
prison Guantanamo,
Hiroshima, Ku Klux Klan,
invasion in Afghanistan.

Atom-bombs, landmines,
child abuser, genocides,
grenades, aids, zyklon b,
murder, rape, catastrophes,
famine, concentration camps,
cruelty to animals,
crime against humanity,
apartheid, bane and slavery.

[Ref.: And the sun is shining anywhere, every day.
As if nothing ever happens or exists, it smiles quietly over the frey.
It just looks on, leaves it in our hand .
If we´ll learn, improve, ignore or heal and then break down in the end.
At present past and future, till the end of time.
It watches us and smiles.]

Neo-fascists race to war,
Josef Stalins Holodomor,
brutal robberies and cancer.
Hunger, sickness, child-molester,
blackmail, torments, pain,
racists, terrorists and cannibals.
Poison, clusterbombs, aggression,
Saddam Hussein and his oppression.


Forced labour, prostitution,
exploiter, drug distribution,
both fucking gulfwars,
death, corruption, holocaust,
torture, death, slave trade,
napalm, pestilence and hate,
hangmen, criminals, compression,
toxicgas, elimination.

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The Sun Is Shining
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