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 Life´s A Bitch

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Life´s A Bitch

Tonight is your night and you're winning every game.
A junkie gets slowly cold with a needle in his vein.
Somebody's in a car crash and looks into the eyes of death.
Another sees the light - but then takes his first breath.

Your first fuck, the night is great - oh what a feeling.
The test result says cancer without a chance of healing.
A person finds his true love and starts a brand new life.
The other's life comes to an end by an unfriendly knife

[Ref.: Life's a bitch!
It can't help you even if you're rich.
Yeah life's a bitch!
It betrays you when you are in pain.
So just refuse to...Play its fuckin' game!]

A teen goes to the prom, a very special night.
And just around the corner another's in a fight.
A girl becomes a mother, so happy and so proud
and on the street another is raped by a small crowd.


Little boy's B-Day with a present in his hands.
Same scene but with a gun it's just a different land.
So just in case you didn't understand the song,
life is a fuckin' game and often treats you wrong.

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Life´s A Bitch
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