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 Angels Fenced By Fury

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Angels Fenced By Fury

No one thinks about them. When their lives collide, no one cares.
There´s no way out, as far as eyes can reach. Broken days, broken nights, blinded by tears.
Who are we to think, that this is the way?
The things that are, are not supposed to stay.
Creeds won´t help, we set the course.
Does all this evil feel no remorse?!

[Ref.: These Angels, fenced by fury.
The only way to overcome it will lead trough us.
So brake down build up fences, lighten the dark and bring them back.
These angels fenced by fury open up the pearly gates and let on the divine.
Just break down build up fences and let these angels fly.]

Seraphin and Nephilim they all need our help, cause they can´t be free.
Only you can get them out, out of the spirit realm.
Worlds poison has you blinded so that you can´t see,
so that you can´t see.


Keep working out your own salvation,
stand up and face the accusation and stand tall for us all.
Disbelievers, TV-Preachers, Presidents and you.
None among the innocents all without a clou.

And if you wanna fuck the world, in the world today.
Just prepare for the Incoming.
Who bring flowers when you´re dead, without angels watching over you? Cause…

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Angels Fenced By Fury
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