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 Gaming Is Not A Crime

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BeitragThema: Gaming Is Not A Crime   Di Aug 04, 2009 5:26 am

Gaming Is Not A Crime

You wanna point a finger, wanna start a debate.
You wage your war but it's long too late.
But as you hate and diss my game,
I'm leaning back 'cause I'm online again.

A jerk runs riot and who's to blame?
I'm voting for society but they claim games.
You stop your inquisition let us fight for our right,
to sometimes go where "make believe" will get us through the night.

[Ref.: Gamers and killers, not the same slime.
No dangerous criminals. Gaming's not a crime!
The homicidal maniac on prime time, never played a game.
Gaming's not a crime!]

So ban retract forbid and doom.
Next game or version is coming soon.
And then we get it of the net,
our second home and your constant threat.

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Gaming Is Not A Crime
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