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 Who Brings Flowers?

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Who Brings Flowers?

When it's at this point it's too late.
Will the friends you thought you knew keep this last date?!
As you see them from above you hesitate.
To walk into the light that is your fate.

[Ref.: So now you pick and chose, you have cleared your eyes.
Separate and judge who will join you on cloud nine.
For some there's no return,
They're not worth it, let them burn.
And from the sound of their hopeless cries,
you shall rise.]

So now you come back to reality.
How does it feel to face your enemy?
Make them understand that they have dept to pay.
Let them feel the pain each and every day.


So use your powers and save those who bring flowers!

When the rage builds up inside, eats you alive.
The ones that try to change you let survive.
But should they ever fail, cause they never try.
They'll be staring down the edge of a righteous knife.


So use your powers and save those who bring flowers!
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Who Brings Flowers?
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