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 Do It Yourself

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Do you have a dream, wanna make it real?
Take it in your own hand, turn the wheel.
Do it now, don´t sit arround and wait on the next day.
No risk no fun if it´s begun, it´s half way done.
Never ever bank on anyone,
trust in you and nothing else.

[Ref.: DIY! Come on try! DIY! Don´t ask why!
Do it yourself and don´t ask why!]

For better or for worse, there´s no givin in.
Break down all the barriers, it´s not a sin.
Step by step see your life grow, exactly what you want.
Existence without compromises is how you roll.
Never ever bank on anyone,
trust in you and nothing else.


If you want it you can make it, that´s essential.
Earn the fruits of you labor, feel your spirit potential.
When you give it all, then you will succeed.
Your rigid intention is all you need.

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Do It Yourself
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