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 World Patriot

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World Patriot

They court my favour the leftwing and the right.
But wings of freedom has no colour or side.
They looking just for power not for the truth.
They talk about "their" world and only of "their" youth.

[Ref.: Go to hell! Cause I am a world patriot!]

I hear them pledge they are the solution.
Both dispute at the real revolution.
The one sides foe is the others best friend,
only agreed to run fucking concentration camps.


I can hear their great and noble causes
like: "we" want peace but there are dark forces.
They pledge: Freedom, justice, work and bread.
But in the end there will be millions of dead.


I´m a medication against your propaganda-flu.
Cause I love this planet but I hate you!
Turn down their dictators and yell fuck you…!!!
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World Patriot
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